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Notes to Contributors

International Journal of Social Sciences is devoted to the promotion of research, scholarship and
dissemination of knowledge in the area of social sciences and allied disciplines. It will therefore
publish research finding, practical and analytical papers and short communications on social
issues. Each paper must make significant and definitive contribution to knowledge, address chosen
problem(s) and point to possible solution. Papers should be submitted in triplicate typed double
line on A4 size. Each manuscript should have a cover page bearing details like title name and
address of author(s). Manuscripts should generally not exceed 17 pages. An assessment fee of N3000.00 ($18.00) must accompany
each manuscript.
The paper should be presented in the following sections: (1) Abstract, (2) Introduction, (3)
Methods, (4) Results, (5) Discussions, (6) Conclusions, (7) Recommendations, (8) References.
There may be slight modifications depending on the nature of the paper.

This should state clearly the statement of problem, focus of work, procedure adopted and finding.
It should be concise about 200 words or half a page and in one paragraph. About 5 key words
should be provided directly below the abstracts.

This should consist of the background to the study, review of related applicable literature on the
subject, the scope and objective of research, the relevance of the study and definition of terms,
where necessary. Cited works should be presented within the text as (Udoka, 2016) or Udoka
(2015) as applicable

Figure, Table and other Illustration:
Figures should be numbered sequentially and the titles written below, while Tables should have the
titles written at the top and numbering done sequentially. Photographs should be properly labelled
and the titles written below. Figures, tables and illustrations should be inserted in their appropriate
places within the text.

Conclusion and Recommendation:
The conclusion should be a concise summary of major results or findings with explanation of their
significance and implications. It may also point out what contributions have been made to
knowledge. Where recommendations are applicable, these may be towards policies, education and
uniformity as well as suggested area of further investigation or research.

This section should appear at the end of the paper and should list all authors cited in the text and
works consulted in an alphabetical order. The acceptable format is the Harvard System and
example are as given below.

Citation for a Journal:
Ekanem E. M. (1999). Urban Surface albedo. Global Journal of Pure and Applied Sciences, 5:252-

Citation from a book:
Trewarth G. T. And Hon L. H. (1980) An Introduction to Climate. McGraw Hill International
Books, London. 416p.

Citation from edited book:
Bassey E. W. And Oressy, Y S. (1992). Soil erosion in the trophics, in T. Charlie (ed) Studies of
Tropics (5th Ed.), Kingston, caribean publishers, pp 12-20.

Submission of Manuscripts:
Electronic submission of manuscripts is encouraged, preferably on re-writable CD together with
one hard copy. The electronic copy should be complete in every detail, with illustrations inserted
into appropriate places in the text. Tables should be sequentially labelled at the top with
appropriate titles while diagrams should be labelled at the bottom. In addition, please scan all
illustrations separately into Corel format and burn them as different files onto the CD/or supply
hard clear copies of the illustrations. Ensure that your electronic copy is free from virus.
Alternatively, forward your paper as file attachments in Word Format to the Editor’s e-mail, with
additional illustrations scanned and attached separately.

All correspondence should be address to:
Managing Editor
Uwem J. Ituen, PhD.
Department of Geography and Natural Resources Management,
University of Uyo, Uyo.
The Editor, International Journal of Social Sciences
Emmanuel P. Udofia, PhD.
Department of Geography and Natural Resources Management,
University of Uyo, Nigeria.
Tel: +2348026692702