Leadership Behaviours: Sources of Trust and Job Satisfaction


 Awah, Florence Elochukwu

Department of Human Resource Management

Sheffield Hallam University City Campus,

Howard Street, Sheffield, S1 1WB, UK.



Job satisfaction is important to organisational progress. Numerous researches suggest that job satisfaction can be achieved in organisation through trust in leadership. Studies show that trust in leadership can be gained through transactional leadership behaviours. But, the findings in the literature on some of the transactional leadership behaviours which lead to trust in leadership and job satisfaction show inconsistency with each other. So, the current study aims to explore the transactional leadership behaviours that could engender trust and job satisfaction within their employees. Qualitative research was conducted and data were collected from employees of one of the private organisation in Sheffield, United Kingdom, using semi-structured interview. The data were analysed using thematic method and the transactional leadership behaviours which could attract trust in leadership and job satisfaction were detected.

Key words: Transactional leadership behaviours, Job satisfaction, Trust, Employee, Organisations.

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