Television and Viewers’ Perception of Women’s Real-Life Roles: An Empirical and Theoretical Review


Grace E. Adekusibe and Olusegun Ojomo; 08030995748; 08033455644

Department of Mass Communication

Babcock University, Ilishan-Remo, Ogun state, Nigeria



This paper sought to ascertain the influence of television viewing on viewers’ perception of women’s role in real life using empirical and theoretical review. Television has been linked with portraying more stereotypical contents of gender roles and norms which affects viewers’ perception of what a woman should do, can do and is expected to do in the society. The paper drew backup from three theories including cultivation theory; framing theory and gender schema theory. Findings from the reviewed theories showed that the consistent exposure of television viewers to stereotypical portrayals of women in television contents results in the negative perception of a woman’s role in real life and this affects the opportunities women are offered and would like to accept in the society. It was, therefore, suggested that television producers should strive for gender balance in their contents by eliminating all forms of stereotypes against women.


Key words: Television, Viewers’ perception, Women’s role, Real life, Theoretical review

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