Towards Gender Equality and the Elimination of Patriarchy in Nigeria


Julie Akpotor,

Department of Sociology and Psychology

Faculty of the Social Sciences

Delta State University, Abraka; 08064309195



The article examined the enhancement of gender equality and the elimination of patriarchy in Nigeria.  Tradition, culture and religion have for decades been the sacrosanct institutions that have dictated the relationship between man and woman and have institutionalized male hegemony into the structure of social organizations at all levels of human life.  Patriarchy has over the years sought in every ramification to rationalize the denigration and marginalization of women in education, economy, employment, politics, business, family and domestic matters.  This, patriarchy has sought to achieve on the platform of ideological positions, cultural norms, socio-political and economic policies as well as religious credence.  It was contended that the world has, in recent times, witnessed a renewed vigour in the pursuit of gender equality and this pursuit has resulted in the evolution of several national and international strategies targeted at promoting gender equality, women empowerment as well as protection of the rights of women.  Despite the fact that gender inequality remains unhealthy and vicious, the paper counters the belief in some quarters that gender inequality can be completely wiped out.  This is because of the intensity of patriarchal dogmas, religious convictions and mores that have continued to uphold male dominance in most Nigerian Societies.  It is, therefore, recommended among others, that women education and enlightenment should be encouraged and promoted to enable the individual woman expand her influence and break the cycle of low self-esteem that is often accompanied by self-pity, loss of confidence and disenchantment.  It is further recommended that the Nigerian Government should review all gender bias laws as a step towards the elimination of patriarchy in Nigeria.

Keywords: Patriarchy, Gender Equality, Female, Male, Elimination.

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