Political Economy of Child Labour: A Theoretical Synthesis in Warri Metropolis, Delta State, Nigeria


Julie Akpotor,

Department of Sociology/Psychology

Faculty of the Social Sciences

Delta State University, Abraka

Email: julieakpotor25@gmail.com



 The political economy of child labour in Warri Metropolis was assessed in this research. It relied on secondary data for information. The political economy approach was adopted to provide theoretical explanation on the phenomenon. It was, therefore noted that socio-economic factors such as parental status (economic, marital and educational background) occasioned by exploitation are the causes of child labour. It was also revealed that early exposure of children to various forms of child labour leads to some devastating consequences detrimental to their development. Against this backdrop, it was recommended amongst others that, government should enact prohibiting laws and adopt policies and programmes that will combat child labour.

Key Words: Child labour; Child work; Niger Delta; Political economy; Poverty



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